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  • I really enjoy shopping at Kitchenloveshop!

    I've started collecting tumblers, especially the Yeti brand. I plan to keep expanding my collection, and next on my list are tumblers in green and yellow.

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  • Great service from Kitchenloveshop

    If you want a vacuum that is ambitious, gets the job done and is trim and sexy, this is the one for you! I didn’t even realize I was just going through the motions of life with my old vacuum. I thought my home was clean, until I met this beauty. I will never look at another vacuum the same way again

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  • Favorite water bottle of all time !

    I recently purchased a tumbler from Kitchenloveshop as a gift for a friend. The experience was delightful from start to finish. My friend, knowing she was receiving a gift, provided her with various color options to choose from. We shared a laugh about it, and before presenting it to her officially, she encouraged me to "test drive" it. I must say, I absolutely adore it!

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  • Truly Non-Stick Griddle

    This is my first Caraway item, and judging on my experience with this griddle pan, it will likely not be the last! I didn't really know what to expect of this pan, but based on the price tag I was expecting quality, and bought it, It did not disappoint.

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